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The Zoo Keeper TG part 1: Forevermore a Bride :icondattgdud:DatTGdud 8 0
Blossoming Flower TG Part 2
Amanda, Sarah, and Anna walked to the doors of an elaborate building, It was held up by very large pillars. The walls of the building were painted pink, elegant framework surrounded the windows on all sides, and a rose garden seemed to surround the building as well. The inside of the building didn't help Anna's was everywhere, she was sure if anything masculine entered this building it would be quickly transformed.
"Kyaaaaaaaaa!" Sarah and Amanda squealed "What a cute building, I wonder what the classrooms will be like," Sarah said
"It is pretty cute isn't it," Anna stated smiling, examining the corridors further."
Anna knew it was a school for girls, which she clearly was...however the idea of someone who was once a man but 30 minutes ago being in such a place. Something didn't feel right about it to Anna, she tried to ignore the girlishly decorated hallways and turned to Amanda, and Sarah smiling.
"Well we wont be taught by ourselves will we girls," Amanda s
:icondattgdud:DatTGdud 7 3
Blossoming Flower TG Part 1
School, Everybody loves school for a reason at some point. Theirs a lot of reasons to like it, you can see your friends, or a class might be fun for you. Andy was very interested in a particular school, however he would never get into it. you're probably wondering why...well before I tell you about the school, let me tell you about Andy. He was a ginger, freckles weren't everywhere but he had some. His hair was orange and short, eyes black, and he usually wore plain clothes. His family was weird, he lost his dad at a young age and his sisters were going to college now, He was close to graduating from high school. Anyway Andy didn't a ton family, but he did have a wish granting grandma according to his mom, He never bought it though he just passed it off as a coincidence.
Regarding the school it had a very feminine layout, Flowers were everywhere on the campus. The buildings and gate were feminine as well, Ill get into better detail on those later. The big selling factor was the student
:icondattgdud:DatTGdud 14 5
Diaochan TG part 2
It still wasn't that late when Diaochan and Lu Bu got up from the bench and left the grotto. Diaochan looked dreamily content, and Lu Bu looked happy for once in his life, Meanwhile Bill was sitting in the back of the mind of his new body.
"meh I suppose I could of ended up in a worse body than this one," He thought "I have to wonder though how can she be so happy all the time, everyone can see her assets clear as day and her skirt doesn't cover anything. "maybe I will give this body another try" he contemplated. Focusing as hard as he could he tried to control the silk clad woman and he got through somehow. Wow... I never noticed before, but this silk does feel great on my skin, it kind of turns me on" he thought, noticing his nipples erect. However he was in so much pleasure he didn't notice the stairs in front of him until he missed a step and lose balance in the high heels. Time seemed to slow down and that's when he noticed the staircase had at least fifty steps, and he was going
:icondattgdud:DatTGdud 4 1
Diaochan TG part 1
# Diaochan TG #
It had been midnight by the time Bill went to bed. Bill was a staunch boy, always lifting weight's, and playing Dynasty Warrior's 8 when ever he was done. Bill was 7 feet tall and was so muscular it was difficult to find clothes that fit him, Bills only other distinguishing feature was his short brown hair.
Bill had just finished Diaochan,s stage, quickly vanquishing dong zhou. "That was easy" bill stated smugly, going to the gallery to take a closer look at his new character. "I thought her outfit was bad, at least according to women who played this game... but what do they know anyway" Bill said laughing. "I wouldn't mind it a little, even if i was a woman" Bill stated examining the outfit on the well endowed woman.
Bill's laughter stopped quickly as he noticed his hair quickly grew down his back, now much longer than before. He screamed as organs rearranged themselves, shrinking to an abysmal 5'6. All his body hair fell out,and his muscle disappeared.
Bill's hips wid
:icondattgdud:DatTGdud 9 0
Meh Kitty Annie!! by DatTGdud Meh Kitty Annie!! :icondattgdud:DatTGdud 1 0
The Fantasy TG Part 6
# The fantasy tg part 6 #
Rose and rue slept until sun came up the next morning. Rose was the first to wake up, slowly opening her eyelids. Rose examined Rues body, everything was normal except for one thing... Rues breasts were secreting milk, like that of a woman in her first trimester of pregnancy.
Rose examined her own body as well,  she was secreting the same liquid as well. "Is it possible both me and Rue became pregnant some how,?" Rose pondered. "Well good morning my flower," Rue said suddenly waking up "you look surprised, is something wrong?" A sexy smirk on her face.
"My breast's are secreting milk like i'm pregnant, and there bigger too," Rose said.
"That's because you are pregnant," Rue said "as am I."
"But how?" Rose said "I'm not complaining... but how is this possible?"
"That's an easy one," exclaimed Rue "I can make anyone pregnant, and choose the stage of the pregnancy."
"Then i have a question," Rose said "is it a little girl?" In a hopeful voice grabbing both R
:icondattgdud:DatTGdud 3 5
The Fantasy TG Part 5
The ambulance sped down the road at lightning fast speeds. Rue was sitting in the back of the ambulance, sniffling and staring at Rose's unconscious body. Rue couldn't do anything for Rose but sit, and watch until they got to the hospital. "why did I bring you out in such a public place for our first date... I was such a fool," Rue said sounding slightly depressed herself, which after all that had happened, wasn't a surprise.
The ambulance reached the hospital, Rose was quickly transported to a room were she was put onto a bed, receiving an IV in her arm right arm. Rue sat down on a chair next to Roses bed, she began sobbing lightly arms over her face into Rose's blouse. Rue fell asleep at the hospital that night resting her head on Rose's lap, her skirt was a great pillow.
A Doctor came into the room the next morning taking care not to wake either of the women, collected some data, and left a note saying they could leave whenever they wanted. Rose looked much better today than yesterd
:icondattgdud:DatTGdud 4 2
The Fantasy TG Part 4
# The fantasy TG part 4 #
Rose and Rue walked outside it was the perfect day in every way possible. The wind blew and Roses completion was possibly glowing in the sunlight. People were already noticing Rose and her stunning beauty, this was proven when a man Roses age was walking down the sidewalk and tripped, not paying attention to where he was going. Rose and Rue giggled as they both walked by the man holding each others hands.
The town was a small one but had everything you would need from grocery stores, restaurants, and salons which Rose and Rue were going to now. They couldn't help but notice the whispering, staring, and mid aged men clearly looking at there butts as they walked hips swinging, side to side. They didn't care though, they were in love and would show it wherever they wanted.
"Rue" Rose said in a sensual voice
"Yes my love?" Rue said in the same tone looking right in Roses eyes
"Do I look fat in this outfit?" Rose said clearly becoming more feminine by the minute
:icondattgdud:DatTGdud 3 3
The Fantasy TG Part 3
# The Fantasy TG Part 3 #
It was the morning after Rose's change, and everything was like it was yesterday; The birds were singing and the sun was shining brightly.
Rue was standing at the counter of her bridal boutique, humming a happy tune. She was wearing the same outfit as yesterday, only with a bra this time, probably to be a good influence on the girl sleeping in the back room, who's first official day as a woman would be today.
Pretty soon, Rue heard a waking sound coming from the room Rose was sleeping in. She then put on a big smile and walked towards the pink door with the words "Rose" on it in a elegant font.
Rue opened the door slowly trying not to make noise and peered into the room. There she saw the newly born Rose rubbing her eyes and yawning quietly... before falling right back to sleep...
Rue walked inside just as slowly as she opened the door earlier. The make-up she applied yesterday was still shining brightly. She walked over to the bed, moving the canopy out of th
:icondattgdud:DatTGdud 6 1
The Fantasy TG Part 2
# The Fantasy TG Part 2 #
"May I help you, sir? “Although it is odd to see a man coming into a bridal boutique..." she said, looking slightly confused.
"Yes, it is, isn't it?" Tim replied awkwardly.
The girl stared for a second and said, "Are you a cross-dresser or a homosexual? Because, if you are, you're not very good at it.
"No," Tim said looking away. “I'm not.”
"Then why are you at a bridal boutique?" the girl asked in a curious tone of voice.
He almost couldn't speak. He would have to tell the beautiful girl his story and risk judgment...
"Well," he said very jittery. "You see, I'm not happy with my gender... I want to be a woman..."
The girl looked at him and said, "You really want to be a woman?"
Tim responded slowly. "Yes," he said, his eyes beginning to tear.
The girl looked concerned and hugged Tim compassionately. She said, "I will do what I can to make your dream a reality, and you will look irresistible when I'm done with my process. I promise..."
Tim bu
:icondattgdud:DatTGdud 9 10
The Fantasy TG Part 1
# The Fantasy TG Part 1 #
It was a beautiful day outside as the birds sung and the bees were buzzing. The wind was blowing at just the right speed, and the temperature was perfect for the season. Tim just moved in a week ago, and he was enjoying the new weather. 'Perfect for a wedding' Tim thought.
Tim was 20 years old and in the prime of his life. He was six feet tall, with blue eyes short blonde hair, and a strong set of muscles that any guy could want. However, he was very depressed this time of year, and nobody knew why but him. The truth was that he didn't like being male, but he had no other choice. What he wanted was too be the perfect woman with DD breasts and all the skills a good wife needs, but, most of all, he wanted to be a bride in bridal lingerie; stockings, a veil and a beautiful wedding dress made of the finest silks with a long skirt. He thought to himself for a second and looked up to the sky. He stood there for several minutes until he finally whispered to himself i
:icondattgdud:DatTGdud 10 7


Luffy and Hancock by Wowauwero
Mature content
Luffy and Hancock :iconwowauwero:Wowauwero 179 18
Julia White Gown 2 by TGrrr89 Julia White Gown 2 :icontgrrr89:TGrrr89 6 8
Mature content
Double Life Part 2 :iconmasterbellic:MasterBellic 22 6
Samantha 2 by Kiroku09 Samantha 2 :iconkiroku09:Kiroku09 2 7 Asuna 2 by Kiroku09 Asuna 2 :iconkiroku09:Kiroku09 3 0
The Orphan Part 5
Henry woke up the next morning alone. His aunt was already up, and let him sleep in. He took off his pajamas, put on his robe and slippers, and walked downstairs.
"Are you ok Henry?"
"Ya. I just had a bad dream."
"Well," she said, giving him one of her strong but comforting hugs, "its all better now baby." she kissed him on the forehead and smiled.
Henry and his aunt hung out around the house for the rest of the day. After dinner that night, Aunt Rebecca turned to him.
"Well, it's almost seven. The party starts at seven thirty. Let me get ready, and then I'll help you."
Henry went up to his aunt's room ten minutes later when she called him. She was wearing a teal blue dress and matching heels, her attractive blonde hair was curled like always, and she had a vibrant red lipstick on.
"What do you think Haley?" she said to him.
He recognized the emphasis on her last word, and answered accordingly. "So pretty Aunt Rebecca!"
"Very good! You'll do fine tonight. Now, let's get you ready."
:iconspyleader149:spyleader149 71 1
Cause for Celebration by Celtzombie Cause for Celebration :iconceltzombie:Celtzombie 20 11 The Third Great Beauty by The4thSnake The Third Great Beauty :iconthe4thsnake:The4thSnake 72 18 Ladies of Dynasty Warriors 7 by Celtzombie Ladies of Dynasty Warriors 7 :iconceltzombie:Celtzombie 77 69
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ACE One Piece Cosplay 2nd Remake - 9 by vega147 ACE One Piece Cosplay 2nd Remake - 9 :iconvega147:vega147 51 39 Portgaz D. Ace Banner by Girlkitsune Portgaz D. Ace Banner :icongirlkitsune:Girlkitsune 56 22 OP: White Beard by e1n OP: White Beard :icone1n:e1n 2,111 178 The One Piece elite! XD by meteorsky900 The One Piece elite! XD :iconmeteorsky900:meteorsky900 10 1 The Hiken And The Phoenix V2 by RaphZou The Hiken And The Phoenix V2 :iconraphzou:RaphZou 109 13 Pheonix marco by Lord-Nadjib Pheonix marco :iconlord-nadjib:Lord-Nadjib 19 3



This goes out to those who watch me, and those who have yet to join the ranks of my watchers :heart:. Thank you for reading my stories thus far, you drug me out of the depths of 0 everything and my work is now more widespread-nya. after I finish the Diaochan TG out I plan on doing a school girl TG, and if you want to send me a note describing a character you would like in it, Ill take it into consideration. The uniform will be a full length white dress with a silk skirt and one layer of petticoats, sexy hosiery, their hair must be clean, and they must be wearing some kind of make-up. what I really need you to send me in personalities, hair color, eye color, likes, dislikes, etc. Not an obligation but since you seem interested in my work I thought you may like to add your own spice to the pot :heart:. I will credit you for Your character in the description, not every character will be used in the first part. Take it into consideration, and Watch for Part 2 of the Diaochan TG :meow:


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United States
Salutations viewers, and welcome to my profile. I am exited to bring you some cute works :heart: but before that you need to know about be. my favorite anime include Kashamashi Girl meet girl, princess princess, otome wa Boki ni Koishiteru, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, and Soul Eater I recommend all of these. I specialize in TG and feminization and will start taking requests soon. I like to use pink clothing in all my works and describe garments with as much detail as I can. Disregarding that to those who visit my page enjoy some of the stories I have up you wont be disappointed ;)


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